Michael Profile

Michael is a perfectionist and is intrigued by the delicate balance between complete creativity and the need for absolute precision. He admits that ‘he gets a weird sort-of kick out of lining a projector and screen up perfectly – it’s a bit of an OCD buzz type of feeling.’

So it is little wonder that Michael has ended up working at AVPartners. After spending some time as an Associate at the Sofitel Brisbane office, he was appointed as Partner at the Sofitel Gold Coast property. Michael loves his role, the fantastic team environment and is very appreciative of the support he receives from his colleagues and regional partners.

Michael is also very passionate about music, in fact he recently released two electro dance tracks that hit the ARIA top 50 club songs! He majored in music during high school and later went on to study at the Adelaide University where he completed a Certificate in Music Technology.

Michael’s relocation to the Gold Coast from Adelaide was via Darwin where he met his current partner. They moved to Queensland in 2012 and he couldn’t be happier. He enjoys relaxing and spending time at the beach, when he’s not playing one of his many guitars. He also doesn’t mind the odd shopping trip if it means he can add to his Adidas sneaker collection… 9 pairs and counting!

The highlight of Michael’s career with AVPartners to date would have to be the Malouf pharmacy awards evening held at the Sofitel Brisbane property in early 2012. It was his first large show with AVPartners and one he will never forget.