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What you need to know about webcasting

Webcasting is the live streaming of video and audio content over the internet to be viewed by a remote audience and the terms are often used interchangeably. Webcasting has generated a lot of attention in the live events industry and provides huge benefits to companies and guests alike. These include: Extending the reach of your […]

How to hold a hybrid event

As technology advances, hybrid events are becoming increasingly more popular and accessible. Hybrid events combine a live (in person) and a virtual (online) audience experience, blending and engaging the two elements. The technology and capability for web streaming is growing rapidly, and event organisers are actively trying to include this option in as many events […]

How beneficial is it to be part of a trade show?

A trade show is where businesses can exhibit their latest products or services. Trade shows are a successful way for buyers and sellers to meet and engage with each other. With the rise of online technology and social media, the value of meeting and marketing face to face is higher now than ever before. A […]

How to plan a product launch event

A product launch is an event which promotes the launch of a company’s new product. A product launch will aim to introduce the new product to your target market, promote your brand, build brand awareness, boost customer loyalty and drive sales. Here are a few simple steps for planning a product launch event. 1. Choose […]

What types of events can your business hold to engage your customers or clients?

Holding a business event can help boost customer loyalty, while reinforcing brand identity and building thought leadership. There are several styles of event which are suited to different types of businesses depending on the industry, the business’ target market, whether the business markets via B2B or B2C, and the business’ goals. In order to choose […]

How sponsoring an event can help your business

Sponsoring an event can be beneficial for a business trying to build brand awareness and reach a targeted pool of customers. Event sponsorship is a mutually beneficial agreement between an event organiser and event sponsor. Although there are many different types of event sponsorships, generally they involve an investment by the sponsor into the event […]

How to hold an eco-friendly event

Planning an eco-friendly event can seem challenging, especially when sticking to a tight budget. Often there are higher price tags placed on eco-friendly products and services forcing event planners to choose cheaper, less environmentally friendly options. With a smart plan in place, going green doesn’t have to break your event budget. There are many strategies […]

How to make your event stand out from the rest

Ever wonder how you can make a lasting impression on your event guests? How you can make your event memorable and stand out from the rest? The answer is relatively simple. Following a few steps to maximise convenience for your guests and to create the ‘wow’ factor will have attendees walking away with the experience […]

How to know which conference type suits your business

In order to decide on the perfect type of conference for your business, the first things you need to consider are the following questions: What is the purpose of your conference? And what do you expect to get out of the conference? Once you can answer these questions, most other organisational aspects will start to […]

5 things to consider when choosing entertainment for your event

Having entertainment at your event is a great way to make an impact on your guests. Providing unique forms of entertainment can ignite conversation about your event and boost brand awareness as a result. Depending on factors like theme, your industry, the size of your event and the age of guests, there are several options […]