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Predictions for event trends in 2016

Wish you knew what was around the corner for event planning? The next big thing to captivate your guests? While there is no magic ball to tell us the future, we can offer some insight into what lies ahead in the events industry, based on what is happening around the world and emerging technologies. Some […]

How to hold an outdoor event

The warmer weather is upon us and that means one thing – outdoor events! Outdoor events provide a unique backdrop and freshness for your event. You can get really creative when leveraging the character of the outdoors and you usually have a lot more space to work with than when planning an indoor event. However, […]

How to expect the unexpected at your event

Planning an event can be both exciting and stressful. You need to make a great, lasting impression but you also need to be poised and ready to spring into action should something unexpected happen. The best way to expect the unexpected at your event is to be prepared. As a general rule of event planning, […]

Will video conferencing replace face-to-face meetings?

New technologies are making it easier than ever before to stay connected with your colleagues or clients in different offices, states or countries. Video conferencing connects people in real time, through audio and video communication on laptops, TV screens, computers, smartphones and tablets. Video conferencing has become the norm for meetings; saving travel, time, and […]

How to hold an ‘immersive’ event

Immersive events are those which ‘immerse’ event attendees as deep into the event as possible, creating an atmosphere so far away from everyday life that they forget all else around them and are fully present in your event, moment to moment. Here are our top ideas for achieving an immersive event: Leverage technology There are […]

Apps for event planning

Planning an event is a huge and complex undertaking, with countless tasks to keep track of, tight deadlines and multiple stakeholder demands. Thankfully, with the use of digital technology, the enormity of event planning becomes a whole lot easier. And with most solutions now offered through apps, you gain the added convenience of accessing them […]

Tips for hosting a gala dinner

Gala dinners can be one of the best ways to gain support for your organisation and cause. They usually include dinner, entertainment, dancing, raffles, and silent and live auctions. While they require a huge amount of planning, they are so effective in raising awareness, fundraising and presenting your organisation and cause in a professional light. […]

5 ways to engage your audience at an event

When it comes to holding an event, it’s no longer enough to assume ‘if you build it, they will come.’ How do you make sure your event stands out, engages your audience, and leaves a lasting impression? Here are five ways to engage your audience before, during and after the event. Release advance teaser content […]

Take your event to the next level with event styling

Event styling is one of the most impactful and cost-effective ways to add that wow factor to your event. At AVPartners we’ve helped create nearly every event theme or style you can think of – from the Oscars, to Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Masquerade and many more. Event styling incorporates furniture, decor, centrepieces and table layout, props, […]

How to avoid Death by PowerPoint

Remember the last time you viewed a PowerPoint presentation? Was it engaging and inspiring or did it leave you feeling bored – eyes glazed over and counting the seconds until it was over? This is known as the dreaded Death by PowerPoint. PowerPoint can be a fantastic presentation tool, but it is only a tool. The presenter […]