Glow furniture makes an illuminating addition at Hamilton Island

AVPartners has introduced stylish outdoor glow furniture at Hamilton Island, providing event delegates with an inspired and leading edge event experience.

The glow furniture is a natural fit for Hamilton Island’s tropical setting and makes a stunning addition at dinner parties, cocktail functions and other events.

Jarum Rolfe, Partner at AVPartners said “The look on delegate’s faces when they first see the glow furniture is priceless; their jaws just drop. That’s when you know you have created an event experience which is truly special.”

The furniture contains LED light lamps which are controlled remotely. The furniture can change to 16 different colours, as well as fade, strobe and flash on demand.

AVPartners, who are committed to finding smart and creative ways to enhance events, sourced the glow furniture to create a unique and memorable event experience at Hamilton Island.

AVPartners has previously introduced the glow furniture at Novotel Twin Waters Resort which has been well received by event delegates at the lagoon side venue.

AVPartners has enjoyed a partnership with Hamilton Island for six years and Novotel Twin Waters for two years. AVPartners provides audiovisual support for events at both venues and professional technical assistance for delegates.