Holding a business event can help boost customer loyalty, while reinforcing brand identity and building thought leadership. There are several styles of event which are suited to different types of businesses depending on the industry, the business’ target market, whether the business markets via B2B or B2C, and the business’ goals.

In order to choose an event that successfully engages your customer or clients, you should ask: How will the event benefit my customer or my client’s business? Will my clients make sales through the event? Will my clients have the opportunity to network with industry leaders at the event? Will my customers or clients enjoy the event?

Here are a few event styles which are highly engaging:

Trade shows and exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions provide a platform to feature new products and showcase your brand. Trade shows are generally B2B events which allow industry professionals to build brand awareness while networking, whereas exhibitions are geared towards B2C businesses and provide a platform to drive sales and conversions. Industries which benefit greatly from trade shows and exhibitions include hospitality, travel, technology, retail and cosmetics.

Gala dinner

A gala dinner is an evening event which involves a sit down dinner for guests. This form of event is a great way to facilitate professional networking within your industry. A gala dinner is generally a professional celebration of a business achievement, for example an anniversary or a lifetime achievement, or charity event or fundraiser. It is usually a black tie event and follows a certain theme, involving entertainment, styling and speeches.


A symposium involves a panel of experts presenting on particular topics, discussing trends and proposing potential solutions for industry matters. Holding a symposium is an effective method of building thought leadership for your business and is a great way to engage clients or customers on specific industry issues.

Award ceremony

Holding an industry specific awards ceremony is a highly effective way of positioning your business as industry leaders. Like a gala dinner, an award ceremony usually involves a catered sit down dinner, and includes entertainment, drinks and sometimes a theme. Holding an award ceremony event can help cultivate professional networking within your industry.

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