These days it seems everything is moving from print to digital, this includes how events are organised and executed.

For an event organiser or planning team, an event app can save hours and sometimes days in the preparation and planning of any event, can allow content to be updated in a timely manner, and provide further opportunities for event organisers to engage with event attendees.

A good event app will integrate event information with social media tools, gamification, surveys, push notifications and live polls. Event attendees are becoming increasingly tech savvy and with this, they expect both an online and offline experience.

Here are some features to look for when considering using an event app.


Look for apps that act as an interactive conference guide, allowing the user to access up to date event information such as programs, flyers, videos, maps, and local weather as well as speaker, attendee and exhibitor information.

Feedback and reviews

Attendees should be able to interact and engage with speakers and other attendees by leaving reviews on sessions, speakers, venues and exhibitors.

Social networking platform

Look for an app which integrates with social media channels. The best aps will even let attendees post updates, tag their location, like posts, comment and send private messages within the app.


An event app should include an analytics function allowing event organisers to comprehensively report on active users, attendee interactions in the app and reviews. This information can be useful insights when planning future events.

This article was originally published at Business Events News.