We are proud to announce that AVPartners has now attained our ISO 9001:2015 Certification. It’s taken two years to achieve and involved a complete review of every policy, process, business system and software application. We’re very proud of our team for their dedication and commitment to the ISO project.

With ISO Certification requiring significant time, money and resource, it has rarely, if ever, been undertaken by an AV outsourcing company in Australia. However, AVPartners’ management considered it critical to their positioning as the market leader in quality and service delivery.

As AVPartners’ Managing Partner, Andrew Hackett explained, “ISO Certification is a very serious commitment to quality, performance and people.”

For AVPartners’ clients, the ISO accreditation means a level of consistency and certainty in service delivery that is recognised internationally as being best practice.

AVPartners provide audiovisual services to major venues and hotels across Australia.