Lissa Thomson, Event Stylist at One&Only Hayman Island moved to the island four months ago to take up her role with AVPartners. She reflects on what makes island life so incredible.

“When I came to One&Only Hayman Island I had no expectations at all and it has been the most unbelievable experience.”

“Living remotely can be a challenge! You work with the same people, eat meals with the same people and socialise with the same people…There is no escaping when you have a bad day or just need some down time. But those same people are also there to share a drink with at the end of the day or vent to… It is a real community full of wonderful people and amazing surroundings.”

“When it is busy you also get so caught up in the madness that you forget to appreciate where we live! I have constructed a wedding arch in the water, watched turtles swim by while setting up ceremony chairs and have been blown away by the thousands of butterflies that have currently taken over the island.. it truly is amazing!”

Rick Keane, Partner at One&Only Hayman Island with AVPartners, used to work on the island back in 2002. Rick reflects on the differences in AV then and now, and his experience of “teaching an old dog new tricks.”

“Back in 2002, the gear we used was a little different from today. Back then you had to do your maths, making sure that you didn’t have too much on the one circuit. Putting Par 56s out in the garden to highlight trees and waterfalls meant lots of cables too.”

“Now we use LEDs and rechargeable battery lights which are brilliant and can be controlled via wireless DMX. Charge them up overnight for a 5 hour dinner on the beach with no cables and no worries about finding a powerpoint.”

“I love the new advancements in lighting which mean less power usage and more control. Even I can program all the different colour schemes.”

“My junior tech is teaching me about the changes in screen projections such as the shift from 4:3 to 16:9. When I likened this to Beta vs VHS he looked confused and thought I’d had a stroke!”