Why is digital signage important?

Digital signage is a familiar concept; one only has to go through a takeaway drive-through or glance up at the departure time at an airport to realise that digital signage is all around. This technology has been in hotels and event venues for quite some time, but it may be surprising to know how versatile digital signage has become. 

As a medium that is centrally controlled, wireless and used across multiple spaces with countless configurations, digital signage is a definite must-have for events, and here are four reasons why.

Complement Back-of-house 

Digital signage has many obvious benefits when provided to customers, but it can be equally beneficial for event organisers, kitchen and venue staff, and banquets crew. As this technology can be updated with the click of a button, it is easy to display the latest updates in room configurations, table seating adjustments, room availability, allocated staff, and any other information venues may desire displayed behind the scenes. As technology continues to improve, these back-of-house monitors may be connected live to front-of-house monitors to enhance response to client needs in real time.

Enhance Client experience

Leading on from our first point, digital signage has a profound effect on the experience of guests. When customer-facing, this signage can increase staff responsiveness, act as a navigational signpost for directing groups to the conference space or breakout rooms, act as seating charts, displaying anything from event sponsor logos to digital menus.   

Display Custom-branded content

Whether your client has content of their own to display, or it is provided by an audiovisual service provider such as AVPartners, digital signage can integrate event-specific backgrounds. Adding not only a client’s logo but their custom content as a background for the event information adds a sophisticated and unique element of theming to conferences and events. These inclusions add to the overall aesthetic and appeal of an event.

Decreasing requirement on resources

Finally, digital signage has the added advantage of being resource-sensitive. Digital signage can be updated in real time, can reduce labour-intensive-administrative tasks such as printing (and reprinting!) of table seating plans and charts, and remove the need for items such as banners which require careful transport and can be costly to produce.

Originally published in the Business Events News newsletter 4th February 2020 for the column ‘Partner Up’, available here.