The battle between projectors and flat screens

Do conference and event attendees prefer rich images viewed on a flat panel screen, or do they want larger than life characters that almost step out of the projection?

The debate about which screening technology is best for conference and event venues has carried on for many years. However, the answer to this question is not as simple as choosing one screen or another, because both are suitable in different circumstances so the decision really depends on how the screens will be used.

A good audiovisual specialist will be able to advise which room needs a flat panel screen and which would be better with a projector. Many venues have a combination of both flat screens and projectors to give their clients the choice. To help narrow the decision, here are some factors that define each screen technology.

Projector pros

1. A projector’s image will scale to be double or triple the size of a flat screen. This factor is more important when room size is a consideration so all attendees can see the screen.
2. Most projectors reproduce high definition images.
3. Projectors are more portable and less manageable than a flat screen.
4. Projector screens take up less space than large flat screens and can be recessed in the ceiling.
5. Projector systems can be networked with sound receivers, remote management and multiple lens options for greater flexibility when it comes to different events.
6. As the flat panel screen size increases, so does the price and the logistics of getting it shipped to your venue, inside the room where it will be housed and then installed.

Flat screen pros

1. Flat panels provide rich, bright images.
2. Flat screens are better in environments where lighting cannot be controlled. Ambient light in a room can wash out the image from a projector.
3. Less coordination is required to set up and run a flat panel system and there is little ongoing maintenance.
4. Flat screens have no lamps to replace.

Ultimately the screen needs to be the right size for the room it is servicing, and this will be one of the deciding factors (along with how the screen is to be used) that will determine whether a flat or projector screen is the right option for your venue.

This article was originally published at Business Events News.