Webcasting is live streaming of video and audio content over the internet to be viewed by a remote audience.

Webcasting has generated a lot of attention in the events industry and provides huge benefits to companies and guests alike. These include:

– Extending the reach of your event experience and its message – with the internet being more accessible than ever, webcasting can help you reach a far wider audience with your message than any event space has capacity to hold
– Increasing your event’s ROI and reducing event costs
– Overcoming geographical boundaries and time constraints
– Reducing the environmental footprint of your event and business
– Convenience – on-demand viewing can be done in the comfort of the home or office

Webcasting is an extremely effective tool for enhancing and extending the events experience, building customer relations, boosting exposure, launching products and strengthening a brand. It’s a great option for many event types, in particular:

– Conferences and exhibitions – why not consider video and testimonial interviews from event attendees, or live streaming of presentations?
– Gala dinners & awards nights – a live webcast can increase exposure and drive a higher profile and on-demand webcasts can be used for post-event marketing
– AGMs – a live webcast can be useful for shareholders unable to attend the event
– Product launches – a live webcast for the release of embargoed information is a great option and also works well for product demonstrations, tutorials and customer support

The options are endless. Speak to your AV rep to discuss how to integrate webcasting into your event.