Does event styling make a difference? Good styling can.

Event styling begins with your message. You’ll achieve the wow factor when the audiovisual elements, the centrepieces, props, furniture and the lighting all work seamlessly to engage your attendees with that message.

On any budget, event styling can set the scene, add drama and turn spectators into ambassadors for your idea, brand or identity.

But that sort of engagement is a tall order when dealing with a busy and somewhat distracted audience who may also suffer from a bit of event-fatigue.

How can you be sure that your event will have the desired impact?

Begin with the idea

Whether it’s a wedding or conference, there is always an exciting reason to gather people together. Remember that the event styling is not the star. The styling is part of the medium conveying the message.

Go beyond words

Think about the power of light, sound, tactile sensation and social connection to support your message.

Keep it fresh

An approach that combines digital styling involving projection, digital backdrops, banners and sets, with traditional styling elements, such as centrepieces, coloured linen or furniture, can drive the message home in new ways.

The event message, delivered in new, visceral ways through digital and traditional styling, will motivate and engage your audience – and set your event apart from the rest.

Talk to us today to get styling ideas for your next event!

Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), Full High Definition (FHD) and Ultra High definition (UHD) refer to the clarity or resolution of a moving image via a television, display device or monitor. Definition is measured as width x height in pixels.

When holding an event, definition is an important consideration to ensure a good quality viewer experience. But how much definition do you need? Let’s look at the options.


Standard Definition refers to the image resolution of most older televisions and DVDs which are usually 720×576 or 720×480.


High Definition refers to the image resolution of newer televisions, HDTV and Blu-Ray. There are three major formats of HD – 720p (1280×720), 1080i (1920×1080) and 1080p (1920×1080). 1080i and 1080p are often marketed as FHD to highlight the improved clarity over 720p.


Ultra high definition refers to the image resolution of the very latest higher definition screens and is usually 4K (3840×2160) and 8K (7680×4320).

So which should you choose? One consideration is the quality of the input which can limit your options. If, for example, you are transmitting SD video, using a FHD television or screen isn’t going to improve upon the clarity.

Other things to keep in mind include how many screens you’ll have at your event and how far away from the screens your audiences will be. Speak to your AV provider to get expert advice on what will work best for your event.

This article originally appeared at Business Events News.

Leading audiovisual service provider AVPartners has promoted Ben Davis to Technical Director at Crown Perth. He joins a highly skilled team, alongside fellow Technical Director Joe Reichle at the premium MICE destination.

The role will see Mr Davis and Mr Reichle jointly provide technical production for conferences and events at Crown Perth.

Mr Davis commenced his career in the audiovisual industry ten years ago. Commencing as an audiovisual technician with AVPartners at Crown Perth, he quickly progressed through the ranks.

The promotion follows Mr Davis being voted AV Technician of the Year in 2014 by his peers.

Commenting on the role, Mr Davis said, “I love having the opportunity to stage some of Australia’s best events at Crown Perth. Each day is challenging and exciting.”

AVPartners Crown Perth Partner, Matthew Taylor said, “Ben is a fantastic addition to our Technical Direction team. His creativity, drive and skill make him a huge asset.”

AVPartners was awarded the Crown Perth contract in 2014.

About AVPartners

AVPartners is a leading provider of tailored and integrated event audiovisual services including technical production, audio, visual, lighting, event design and event styling.

AVPartners creates integrated event experiences through combining state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, unrivalled expertise and a highly-tailored approach.


AVPartners has appointed Jarum Rolfe as Managing Partner at RACV Royal Pines Resort. The leading audiovisual services provider was awarded the contract at the luxury Gold Coast venue earlier this year.

Mr Rolfe has worked in the audiovisual industry in Queensland for over a decade. His career has included stints as Managing Partner at Sofitel Gold Coast and Hamilton Island. His passion for audiovisual was sparked back in high school during his time in the school’s band and it remains as strong as ever.

Commenting on the role, Mr Rolfe said, “RACV Royal Pines Resort is the next big thing for events on the coast of Queensland. I’m excited by the opportunity to help deliver some truly extraordinary events and provide a one-of-a-kind service at the resort.”

About AVPartners

AVPartners is a leading provider of tailored and integrated event audiovisual services including technical production, audio, visual, lighting, event design and event styling.

AVPartners creates integrated event experiences through combining state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, unrivalled expertise and a highly-tailored approach


Looking to create a real ‘wow moment’ at your next event? Incorporating a unique set piece can make a real difference.

A set piece is a backdrop added to a stage for a production or event. It can vary from a simple branded backdrop right through to sophisticated projection mapping. The only limit is your imagination.

Set pieces help make conferences and events truly memorable. People are unlikely to remember one conference from the next if they all feature the same plain black drapes and two screens. However, they will remember a conference if it looks and feels genuinely different from those they have attended before.

A set piece can also help with a quick room turn around depending on the venue. For example, a band can be pre-set behind a set piece. Set pieces allow for a visual transformation sure to impress event delegates and make for easier and more impactful transitions between event elements.

Speak to your event staging and AV provider for advice on how to maximise set pieces for your event.

This article originally appeared at Business Events News.

There is enough to keep you busy when organising an event. Understanding aspect ratios can help clarify some of your AV decisions and tick them off your seemingly never-ending ‘to do’ list.

So, what is aspect ratio? Simply put, it is the proportion of width to height of an image, presentation or screen.

Since the 1940s, the 4:3 aspect ratio has traditionally been used in television. For every four inches of width of an image, there are three inches of height.

The 16:9 aspect ratio evolved from the film industry as a way to make movies bigger and better and provide a point of difference for viewers from what they could view at home on their television. Transitioning into 16:9, provided filmmakers with more space around the subject and greater flexibility to compose better images.

Both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios are commonly used today. We typically recommend 16:9 to leverage modern screens.

Most modern-day HDTV screens, otherwise known as ‘widescreen TVs’, are designed for 16:9 images. Only older TVs are built to accommodate the 4:3 aspect ratio. 4:3 images or presentations viewed on 16:9 screens will have black bars down the right and left hand sides of the screen.

For any event, it’s important to maximise the visual impact of presentations or images on-screen. Talk to your AV professional for advice on which option will best suit your event.

This article originally appeared at Business Events News.

It’s one thing to have the confidence and charisma to give a presentation in the first place, but what is it that can take your presentation to the next level and leave audiences truly inspired?

Here are three tips that will carry your presentation into the 21st century and help you make a lasting impression with your audiences.

1. “The medium is the message”

The phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan still reigns true. The way you choose to deliver a message influences how the message is perceived. Think outside of standard Powerpoint slides. Engage your audiences with relevant technology that will help deliver your message and encourage interaction with your audiences.

2. There’s an app for that

It’s much more impressive to stand before a group with an iPad rather than speech cards or A4 sheets of paper. There are a number of presentation apps that can assist you to both create and deliver your presentation. There are apps that offer effective ways to prioritise content and plan your speech. There are now even apps that enable you to present local documents, websites, music and photos from your iPad, on-screen.

3. Use technology to interact with audiences

A great presentation engages the audience and creates a conversation. Think about how your audiences can engage with your content. Social media can be a powerful way to have audiences discuss and share relevant points throughout your presentation. Videos can help you avoid delivering a monologue and speak to your audience in a multi-sensorial way. Images can often be more powerful than words and are an important addition to any presentation.

There’s nothing worse than having to sit through a presentation with a rambling speaker and no relevant stimulation to keep you engaged and interested.

The creative and effective uses of technology can help lift your presentation and leave a longer-lasting impression. Speak to your AV technician to help guide you on what technology you should integrate into your presentation.

AVPartners has been appointed the in-house audiovisual service provider for Crown Perth and will provide the audiovisual support for events and conferences at Crown Perth as well as professional technical assistance for delegates.

As one of the most desirable conference and exhibition destinations in Australia, Crown Perth offers five-star service, premium catering and on-site state-of-the-art technical support. The venue can support a wide range of events from large international conferences, exhibitions, charity balls, gala dinners, awards nights and seminars, to workshops and small meetings.

Matt Taylor, AVPartners Crown Perth Partner said, “Crown Perth offers world-class facilities, accommodation and entertainment and we’re excited to be partnering with the team to deliver great event experiences.”

Director of Events and Conferences at Crown Perth, Michael Altieri said, “We appointed AVPartners because of the company’s extensive experience, creativity and technical know-how. We are thrilled to work with such an expert team which will help us to continue to deliver stand-out events to our clientele.”

Commenting upon AVPartners appointment Crown Perth Chief Operating Officer Hotels and Entertainment, Andrew Hill said, “We have watched AVPartners grow from start-up to a market leading provider of event services in Perth. Their dynamic and innovative approach to providing audiovisual and event support will complement Crown Perth’s current offering and we look forward to working with the team going forward.”

AVPartners Founding Partner, Gary Hackett said, “Crown’s decision to appoint AVPartners is a credit to our Perth team who have built our reputation through the consistent delivery of great customer service and outstanding events.”

AVPartners has launched an innovative events app set to revolutionise the Australian conferencing landscape.

The AVPartners event app combines social media tools, gamification, surveys, and live polls with up-to-date, user-friendly event information; ensuring events are accessible and relevant for the modern event delegate.

Delegates can post updates, tag their location, like posts, comment on each other’s posts and send private messages all from within the app. The app also integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and the event’s hashtag is automatically added to outbound tweets.

Designed as an interactive conference guide, the AVPartners app allows delegates to access up-to-date event documentation such as programs and flyers, videos, maps and local weather as well as speaker, attendee and exhibitor information.

Founding Partner Gary Hackett said “At AVPartners our focus is on enhancing event experiences.”

“An event app was a logical next step as it combines what we do best – the smart use of technology, responsive customer service and ingenuity.”

The app transfers crucial event information traditionally delivered as hard copy documentation or through in-person announcements online. Event organisers can easily update event information at any time without the hassle and cost of printing. They can also send targeted push notifications to attendees giving event organisers a direct line to delegates.

Delegates can leave reviews on sessions, speakers, venues and exhibitors; making it easy for delegates to have their say and conference organisers to collect feedback.

Event sponsors can also gain further visibility with delegates through branded content and advertising within the app.

The app includes an analytics function which allows event organisers to comprehensively report on active users, attendee interactions in the app and reviews.

The AVPartners app accommodates all smart phones and is accessible across iOS, Android and HTML5.

Ryan loves the excitement of the events industry and thrives on creating lasting impressions for both clients and their guests. One memorable show that will be hard to beat was the unveiling of Qatar Airlines recently at Crown Perth. Ryan had to ‘follow spot’ Jessica Mauboy and Stan Walker as they entertained the crowd but just being part of the show was a thrilling experience!

Whilst Ryan is occasionally seconded to various venues around Perth, his home away from home is The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle – by Rydges. He thoroughly enjoys the Fremantle vibe, best known for its ‘Cappuccino Strip’, fabulous cafes and markets and has made many friends along the way. Ryan’s role at the hotel is Operations Co-ordinator and whilst this is a busy position, he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Growing up in the southern suburbs of Perth, Ryan was always gathering his friends together and spending time at the park or playing video games. Following high school, he studied at Perth’s Central Tafe and graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Screen (Post Production). Now many years later, he enjoys making short comedy videos for families and friends or just taking his camera out and capturing good times.

Ryan is soaking in all he has learnt during his time at AVPartners and is looking forward to creating many more exciting events over the coming years.