How to take your event to the next level with a set piece

Looking to create a real ‘wow moment’ at your next event? Incorporating a unique set piece can make a real difference.

A set piece is a backdrop added to a stage for a production or event. It can vary from a simple branded backdrop right through to sophisticated projection mapping. The only limit is your imagination.

Set pieces help make conferences and events truly memorable. People are unlikely to remember one conference from the next if they all feature the same plain black drapes and two screens. However, they will remember a conference if it looks and feels genuinely different from those they have attended before.

A set piece can also help with a quick room turn around depending on the venue. For example, a band can be pre-set behind a set piece. Set pieces allow for a visual transformation sure to impress event delegates and make for easier and more impactful transitions between event elements.

Speak to your event staging and AV provider for advice on how to maximise set pieces for your event.

This article originally appeared at Business Events News.