When you begin planning your wedding, the immense range of options available can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start, so we asked AVPartners Wedding Stylist, Mallory, at Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort for the hottest trends in styling and theming.

Mallory’s advice is to think about who you are as a couple when considering wedding styling and incorporate elements that complement your personalities and your vision for your life ahead.

With that in mind, here are 6 stunning wedding style trends to inspire your dream day.

#1 Dried Flowers

Dried flowers and grasses are huge this season; from delicate strands tucked in napkins, to elaborate and luxurious wall features and suspended wreaths. This chic bohemian style can incorporate grasses, wheat, dried leaves, green foliage and florals, adding texture and dimension to any setting. Brides also love that these stunning creations are keepsakes they can take home and treasure forever.

Photo credit: Mallory, AVPartners
Arnycain Photography

#2 Classic White

In 2019, we’ve seen a shift towards elegant, classic wedding styling. Think crisp white linen; white flowing chiffon down the aisle, looped on arbours and woven overhead; and timeless florals of roses and delicate buds with rich green foliage. Finish this everlasting sophisticated style with white and classic decor: wishing wells, understated table centrepieces, crystal glassware and candlelight.

Photo credits: Mallory, AVPartners

#3 Greenery

Luscious greenery and foliage are transforming weddings into glorious gardens and rainforests this season. One approach to the style incorporates tropical palm fronds and rich leaves accentuated by touches of wood, festoons and fresh pineapples; another includes incredible green walls as a backdrop for ceremonies or behind the bridal table instead of traditional linen backdrops. 

Photo credits:
Lou O’Brien Photography
Arnycain Photography

#4 Tipi Weddings

Tipi weddings have been in vogue for a while now, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down! These incredible structures are versatile and can be set up in a variety of locations in multiple configurations. From an intimate single tipi on the sand of the lagoon to multiple tipis for a grand affair, tipi weddings can cater for small to very large receptions. Offering overhead protection while enjoying the balmy night air, tipis can be styled for sit-down dinners, or more relaxed with floor and bar seating and lounges. Whichever way you decide, tipi weddings offer a truly memorable experience.

Photo credits:
Cade Mooney Photography
Alan Hughes Photography
Arnycain Photography

#5 Neon and Festoon signs

These larger-than-life signs are very versatile, adding a bright pop of festivity to your day. Neon and festoon signs can be used in a variety of settings: out on the grass, hung in a tipi above the bridal table or by the dancefloor.

Photo credits: Mallory, AVPartners

#6 Timber Accents

From long communal dining tables and bench seats, grazing tables, outdoor furniture and games, personalised place settings and centrepieces, timber adds enchanting impact. These touches are a return to natural elements, bringing earthy tones and woodsy scents. Timber accents work beautifully with tipi weddings and other outdoor reception styles that can incorporate festoon lighting and gorgeous florals.

Photo credits: Mallory, AVPartners

About AVPartners at Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort:

Surrounded by natural bushland and stunning beaches, Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort offers a variety of exceptional locations for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Having indoor and outdoor options all in one location with accommodation and the airport a five-minute drive away makes this a truly unique venue. AVPartners wedding stylists are on-site and excited to take care of your every need for a flawless and perfect day.

Visit our team at Twin Waters Weddings and Events to find out more about weddings at this stunning location with the AVPartners styling team.

Planning an event? You might be considering whether or not to have a theme.

A theme is the idea or concept behind your event that can give the event structure. Having a theme can benefit an event in many ways, but it does come with a few drawbacks. So should your event be themed or themeless?

Benefits of having a theme

It can make your event memorable. A theme can make your event distinctive and memorable for guests. By selecting a theme that is unique and fully committing to it, you can wow your attendees and drive your event message home.

It can help steer your event planning. Having a theme in place can help dictate your event planning decisions. A theme can provide a rough guideline for your event so that you can streamline your planning process.

It can engage your guests. A theme creates a point of difference that will be compelling for your guests. Themed audiovisual elements or a themed dress code will help your guests be fully committed to your event and immersed in the event experience.

It can reinforce your event message. If chosen well, a theme can elevate your event message, help with your branding and make an impact on your guests. In order to enhance your event message, your theme should be chosen with your event objective in mind and at the forefront of your planning process.

The drawbacks of having a theme

It’s not always practical. Events like roundtables and seminars aren’t as well-suited to having a theme as Christmas parties and gala dinners. Information-focused events like these will have focus topics already, so having a theme could distract from the discussion topic at hand.

It can limit your choices. After selecting a theme, your event decisions will be driven by it. While this isn’t alway a problem (it can give you focus and clarity in the planning process), having a theme can make your event decisions more limited.

It might distract from your messaging. If executed well, a theme can help reinforce your event message and key takeaways, but if your theme doesn’t meld with your event objective, it can do the complete opposite. You’ll want your guests to remember your event for its message, not just the theme. So if you think a theme might distract from your message and branding, it’s better to go without.

If you choose to have a themeless event, you can still make an impact through unique styling and a branded colour scheme. Creative lighting and decorations can help deliver your branding and boost your event message.

If you choose to have a theme, you can promote it through your audiovisual elements, dress code, invitations, programs, marketing, decor, entertainment, food and music.  

Stuck for ideas? Here are a few themes that we have coordinated in the past: wild west, roaring 20s, the 80s, the 90s, pop star, masquerade, acrobatic and circus theme, chocolate fantasy, black and gold, global cuisine, the Olympics, and a jungle theme. While a theme should have a strong presence and be consistent across your event, it can be as flexible as you’d like it to be! If you would like help with your next event, contact us today.

If you’re looking to add that something special to your next event, gobos are one of the most striking, versatile yet affordable lighting options.

A gobo is essentially a stencil cut out of glass or metal, that is then positioned between a spotlight and the area you want lit, creating a unique projected shape. The gobo can be made to project patterns, text, logos, and other special effects, which makes them a great option for promoting brands and products.

The imagery can be projected onto almost any surface such as the dance floor, the stage or a prepared backdrop – instantly decorating and lighting the surface, transforming the space and promoting your event’s message.

Here are some of our favourite uses of gobos from our events:

Patterns as a feature wall

At this event at Sofitel Brisbane Central, a gobo was used to project a series of pinspot lights onto a backdrop, creating a twinkle light look that complemented the event name ‘Shine’ perfectly.

Colour coordination

Often a gobo can be setup to match the colours of your event theme or decor. In this example from Sofitel Brisbane Central, we projected patterns onto a feature wall, matching the colour scheme of the entire room for seamless integration and effortless continuity.

Branding enhancements

Imagine being able to project your logo or message onto the wall, floor or table for all your guests to see. It’s a great way to give your brand extra exposure at the event, and can create a feeling of luxe exclusivity.

Below is an example of this in the lobby at our Sofitel Brisbane Central venue. Using a small projector in a moving light, we could change the image from the computer rather than physically at the light.

Festive theming

A gobo can change the way an entire room looks and feels and it is such an easy way to support your theme at your event. It’s especially fun with themes such as Winter Wonderland, as seen below with snowflakes all over the room at Sofitel Brisbane Central.

Because of the flexibility in design and impressive visual elements, gobos really help to set a mood and atmosphere at your event, which gives guests an even better experience and leaves them with a lasting impression of your message.

If you’re excited to use gobos at your next event, contact us today!

Ever wonder how you can make a lasting impression on your event guests? How you can make your event memorable and stand out from the rest? The answer is relatively simple. Following a few steps to maximise convenience for your guests and to create the ‘wow’ factor will have attendees walking away with the experience firmly imprinted in their memory.

Here are a few ways to make your event stand out from the rest, for all the right reasons.

Define and amplify your event messaging

First things first, what is the purpose of your event? What would you like your guests to take away from your event? Your event messaging should be apparent prior to organising your event and should remain at the forefront of your planning process. Making sure your event messaging is not only clear to you and your team, but ensuring that your guests understand their role in the event and why they’re attending, will guarantee that they leave with something more than just a party favour. Amplification of your event messaging can be made through marketing and promotional efforts prior to your event and can be reinforced on the day through speeches, decorations and styling.

Simplify the ticket sales process

Ensuring ease of the ticket sales process is one of the most obvious however often understated components to the event planning process. At a time in which the majority of internet usage is utilised via mobile, ease of availability is increasingly important for event ticket sales. Maximised user experience through a mobile friendly ticket merchant is the first step to any successful event and will set the scene for a pleasant event experience.

Beautify your event space

What colour scheme will best reflect your event messaging? What type of centrepieces will wow your guests? Special consideration should go into all visual aspects of your event, big and small. Including customised lighting to match the theme or style of your event is a simple yet hugely effective way to make a difference to the overall look and feel.

Choose the right entertainment

Choosing event entertainment can mean the difference between a good and bad event. Choosing the right entertainment for your event will of course depend on your budget, however some considerations should be made prior to booking. It’s important to consider how your entertainment reflects your event messaging, how the entertainment suits the demographic of your guests, and how it enhances your event theme or style.

If you would like some more advice on how to make your event stand out from the rest, talk to us today.

Does event styling make a difference? Good styling can.

Event styling begins with your message. You’ll achieve the wow factor when the audiovisual elements, the centrepieces, props, furniture and the lighting all work seamlessly to engage your attendees with that message.

On any budget, event styling can set the scene, add drama and turn spectators into ambassadors for your idea, brand or identity.

But that sort of engagement is a tall order when dealing with a busy and somewhat distracted audience who may also suffer from a bit of event-fatigue.

How can you be sure that your event will have the desired impact?

Begin with the idea

Whether it’s a wedding or conference, there is always an exciting reason to gather people together. Remember that the event styling is not the star. The styling is part of the medium conveying the message.

Go beyond words

Think about the power of light, sound, tactile sensation and social connection to support your message.

Keep it fresh

An approach that combines digital styling involving projection, digital backdrops, banners and sets, with traditional styling elements, such as centrepieces, coloured linen or furniture, can drive the message home in new ways.

The event message, delivered in new, visceral ways through digital and traditional styling, will motivate and engage your audience – and set your event apart from the rest.

Talk to us today to get styling ideas for your next event!