How to prep speakers before an event

The key to a successful presentation is preparation. You can spend as much time as you like on content and organisation however if you have not spent time on preparation, you may risk falling short of the mark. A lot of time and effort goes into a presentation – creating, memorising, rehearsing and finally, delivering it. It is imperative presenters feel prepared, confident and supported before stepping out on stage.

Here are a few ways the audiovisual technician will prep your speakers before an event:

Ease their nerves

Your speaker will have rehearsed their script many times before the day, but as their presentation looms, nerves can set in. Some gentle encouragement in the lead up to and on the day can go a long way to relieving some of the pressure on them. An experienced AV technician will make sure communication lines are open and make themselves approachable.

Run through the details

It’s important your AV technician runs through some general event details about the event space, run sheet and schedule with your speaker. This will allow your speaker to know where they need to be and when. This can include where they will get ready and be given their microphone, remote mouse/laser pointer, where they will step onto the stage, where they will sit before and after their presentation, how you will cue them to begin or if their time is running out, and how to exit the stage.

Test the technology

Testing the technology for the presentation with the speaker is vital. This includes a sound and mic check, lighting, projectors and presentation if applicable. This will ensure all AV is set up correctly for each space and speaker, and should be done in advance to factor in any technical issues and ensure your speaker is comfortable with the technology.

Above all, remember a prepared speaker makes for a great presentation. If the experience is seamless, relaxed and fun for the speaker, it will be engaging, interesting and fun for the audience.