When it comes to holding an event, it’s no longer enough to assume ‘if you build it, they will come.’ How do you make sure your event stands out, engages your audience, and leaves a lasting impression?

Here are five ways to engage your audience before, during and after the event.

Release advance teaser content to promote your event

If people are more emotionally invested in your event before it even happens, they are more likely to enjoy it, and pass on positive feedback to others. Your event might be months away, but you can start the engagement now.

Providing a sneak peek of the setup or planning of your event can allow people to become more engaged and start the event buzz as early as possible. This could include sharing new technology, clips from speakers, or photos of the venue or space.

Encourage audience involvement during the event

By giving your audience ways to participate and interact, it can help keep their focus and attention on the presentation.

More and more events are incorporating interactive tools such as event apps, real time polling, surveys and messaging so presenters, sponsors and event organisers can open up the dialogue, share information, and receive and answer questions instantly.

Display social exchanges

Whether your event is online, offline or a mix of the two, the full power of social media should be leveraged to engage your audience and spread event coverage.

People love to be engaged and share thoughts and images in real time via social media, helping develop a deeper brand connection with your audience. A social media display wall is a great way to enable this behaviour.

We suggest setting up with an event hashtag so that your audience can easily tweet or post about the event and have their tweet or other posts displayed on the big screen at the event for all to see.

Do something unique

It’s no secret that your event needs to shake things up and be different to cut through the noise. Creating unique and personal event experiences is a great way to target your event audience authentically. Clever marketing ideas such as personalised invitations or fun, branded theatrics can set your event apart.

Creating a special experience during your event allows more engagement with your attendees and hopefully, a positive lasting impression.

Keep people talking after the event

People love to share and relive their highlights from events, so providing content that they can easily consume and share will keep engagement ticking over even after your event. Blog posts, videos, images and social media posts relating to the event experience are great ways to get attendees to interact with your brand long after the event is over.

Event styling is one of the most impactful and cost-effective ways to add that wow factor to your event. At AVPartners we’ve helped create nearly every event theme or style you can think of – from the Oscars, to Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Masquerade and many more.

Event styling incorporates furniture, decor, centrepieces and table layout, props, audiovisual and digital elements. It takes your guests on a journey, showcasing your theme, your branding and your ideas.

You want to make sure that your event is hitting the mark and delivering your desired event message to your guests. How can you be sure that your event will do this successfully?

Begin by confirming the reason for the event, and why you are gathering together. This is the message you want to get across. Think about the power of your message and how you can convey this to your guests.

Next you will want to look at what new, fresh ideas are available for your event, to impress, inspire and connect your guests. These days, event styling and theming draws heavily on technical production with content displayed on digital screens, unique lighting and other audiovisual elements creating a dynamic, immersive experience.

By combining traditional styling with bespoke ideas, themes and modern, digital options your event can really make an impact.

This article originally appeared at Business Events News.

Tilman (Tilly) was recently appointed head rigger for AVPartners at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC).

Tilly’s sense of adventure has meant he’s had an extremely diverse and exciting career all over the world. Tilly says “experience through misadventure seems to be my tagline!”

Tilly has worked as a gold prospector, concierge, cook, room-service attendant, tent manager, warehouse manager, time-share sales associate, caterer, glassy, bartender, short filmmaker, wicker furniture salesman, house sitter, babysitter and rouse-about – and now rigger!

Most recently, Tilly worked in Exhibitions with Perth Expohire, prior to moving to AVPartners.

He is excited to take up the role after working as a casual Rigger with AVPartners at PCEC since 2014. Tilly says “PCEC is a central hub for some of the most significant events in Perth. The diversity of the people and characters you get to meet and work with is more than reason enough to keep coming back.”

Tilly loves the events industry and sees it as an interesting way to peek into the world around you – in all its diversity – from one place.

One of his favourite events to work on was CANCEC, an annual Canadian defence and business exhibition. Tilly says “I remember having to push past some high ranking military brass waiting in security checks because I had a chair to deliver. It was quite an extraordinary experience.”

“It was a lot of fun and sent me down the path I’m still on now.”

Tilly was born in Guatemala on Lago De Attitlan, Panajachel, and moved with his mother to Australia. He has three brothers dotted around the world of which he is the eldest but in his words “certainly not the wisest.” With family scattered evenly around the world, Tilly is proud to represent the clan down-under.

In his free time, Tilly enjoys cooking, filmmaking and watching a good (or cheesy) film. Some favourites include Black Dynamite, Aliens, City of God and Children of Men.

A big welcome to Tilly to the AVPartners team!

Do you want to add that something special to your next event? Gobos are one of the most striking, versatile yet affordable lighting options.

A gobo is essentially a stencil cut out of glass or metal, that is then positioned between a spotlight and the area you want lit, creating a unique projected shape. The gobo can be made to project patterns, text, logos, and other special effects, which makes them a great option for promoting brands and products.

The projected imagery can be projected onto almost any surface, such as the dance floor, the stage or a prepared backdrop – instantly decorating and lighting the surface, transforming the space and promoting your event’s message.

Using gobos can help draw attention to an area of your event, highlight your brand, for sponsor recognition or to share a specific message. For example, gobos can be used at weddings to project bride and groom’s names or alternatively just their initials onto the dance floor or behind a bridal table.

However, they are more than just a decoration or improvement to the event setting. Because of the flexibility in design and impressive visual elements, they really help to set a mood and atmosphere at your event, which gives guests an even better experience and leaves them with a lasting impression of your message.

This article originally appeared at Business Events News.

AVPartners was thrilled to be a major sponsor for the iconic Audi Hamilton Island Race Week again this year, helping deliver one of the most successful events yet.

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week is the largest offshore yachting regatta in the southern hemisphere and is well known for its impressive line-up of bands, parties, fashion parades, fine dining options and more.

Providing audiovisual support, styling and technical assistance for over 40 events, AVPartners played an integral role in bringing the events to life. From lighting up Audi cars, through to setting up event stages and building a massive LED wall, AVPartners brought the best in technology and creativity to the world-class event.

AVPartners also provided AV and technical support for the awards presentation and dinner for 660 attendees in the Hamilton Island Convention Centre.

The AVPartners Hamilton Island Partner, Ritchie Harland, said “Audi Hamilton Island Race Week is an incredible event which brings thousands of people to beautiful Hamilton Island every year featuring 202 boats. For over 40 amazing events and performances.”

“The event involves our team of experienced and dedicated AV technicians working 24/7 to create events unlike any experienced before.”

Glenn Bourke, CEO of Hamilton Island said “The world of event based audiovisual provision is not an easy one, so you are always looking for a company and a team that are reliable problem solvers and with a service mentality that can adapt to the changing needs of large corporate clients.”

“In my 20 years or so in events and management, I have experienced none better than AVPartners. They are always professional, energetic and positive solution finders, who are also very nice people to deal with. As partners in all our major events and conferences, they become a fully integrated part of our team, seamlessly providing great service across many locations both indoors and out.”

“My team and I have nothing but the highest praise for AVPartners due to their standards of excellence and our positive experiences spanning nearly a decade.”

AVPartners and Hamilton Island have enjoyed a partnership for eight years. AVPartners provides audiovisual support for conferences and events at the location and professional technical assistance for delegates.

About AVPartners

AVPartners is a leading provider of tailored and integrated event audiovisual services including technical production, audio, visual, lighting, event design and event styling.

AVPartners creates integrated event experiences through combining state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, unrivalled expertise and a highly-tailored approach.

Audio is one of the most crucial and yet fragile components of an event. You’ve brought these people together to hear your message – what if they can’t? Without the right expertise, things can and do go wrong. How can you ensure that the sound at your next event has the right tone, volume and clarity?

Use the right technology

Quality audio equipment is essential to get the sound right. A good AV technician will be able to guide you on what technology will best suit your event.

For example, it is important your AV technician selects the right microphone depending on the situation. The microphones for your presenters will be different to the microphones used for the musical instruments in a live band.

The voice of a presenter can be relayed clearly with the correct microphone choice and positioning, with adjustments made to the signal to compensate for changes in the presenters voice or when different people are speaking. Everyone speaks at different volumes and clarity levels, so expert attention is needed if different people are to be using the same equipment.

You’ll also need the right loudspeakers, plus subwoofers for music, to deliver the sound to your audience, taking into account the event space, numbers of attendees, ambient noise – and a dozen other factors!

Engage the best AV technicians

A knowledgeable and experienced AV technician knows how to get the balance right to ensure sound is clear, consistent and at the right volume.

Your AV technician will make adjustments on their sound mixer to smooth out variations and distribute a more consistent level of sound from presenter to presenter, or song to song, as your event progresses. They will also tune the audio system to combat any complications in the acoustics of the event space and amplify the output signal from the presenter to the loudspeakers at the right volume for your audience. Sound reinforcement is not set-and-forget!

Do a sound check

Prior to the event, it’s crucial all presenters do a sound check. The AV technician will pre-set the calibrations for each individual presenter, ensuring that the audience experiences a smooth level of sound throughout the event. This will make all the difference in sound quality.

Match the sound to the atmosphere

At different stages throughout your event, the required type of sound will change, whether that be speaker presentations or music. Make sure your event style or theme is reflected in the sound you use, such as the genre of music chosen. For example, classical piano music would suit a sit-down gala dinner event, but isn’t so great for the dance floor.

The volume should also be suitable for the various phases of the event. For example, lower background music works at the times when you want people to talk amongst themselves, whereas a crisper, louder sound is required for a speaker’s presentation.

Choosing the right equipment, setting it up, going over every detail and operating it correctly are vital to ensure great sound at your next event. Engage a knowledgeable and experienced AV provider to gain peace of mind that the sound at your event is in good hands. Contact AVPartners today to see how we can give your next event perfect sound.

Business Events News interviews Brendon Biffin on his approach to work and life.

What is the first thing you do when you get to work?

Review the day’s schedule.

What analogy best describes being a partner of an event AV services company (ie a ring master, sergeant major, conductor etc) and why?

Flight Captain. I steer the plane, but without our highly skilled and dedicated staff, our guests (clients) would not be happy when they arrived at their destination.

Where is the Australian events industry lagging when it comes to AV services?

We are lacking a recognised live events training institution. It is not easy for young people interested in a live events career to break into the industry. There are reputable educators but their training is more studio based rather than live events specific.

What’s the worst AV stuff up you’ve seen in your time in the industry?

A restaurant opening that had a choreographed release of balloons spelling their name. They got stuck in a tree above the stage.

What one sure-fire tip can you give to event organisers when it comes to making sure the AV services run smoothly on the day?

Provide a detailed and accurate runsheet and make it a priority to stick to it.

Should PowerPoint presentations at conferences and conventions die a painful death?

No. Death by Powerpoint can be painful but content is extremely powerful and can engage an audience far more than words when used correctly. Powerpoint, Prezi, Keynote – They all have their place.

What’s the future of business events apps? What do you expect to see in 10 years’ time?

The future of event apps is huge, we are only just scratching the surface. Technology advancements will determine where we take them. Print is dead. Event apps give back to the delegates in terms of relevant and up to minute information, give back to the facilitators in terms of data collection and also give back to the environment.

How many devices do you own (ie iPods, smartphones, tablets etc) and what’s your guilty pleasure game (ie Angry Birds, Monkey Island, etc)?

I own four devices. No games for me – Searching for information via YouTube and Google is my thing.

What plans do you have in store for Sofitel Brisbane Central?

In the next year we will become the most technologically advanced events venue in Brisbane.

What’s the most memorable business event you’ve ever attended in your time with AVPartners?

The AVPartners Bali Conference in 2012. We have a great team of people within AVPartners and our conferences are awesome. I look forward to them every year.

Projection mapping is transforming event styling to create some truly unique and transfixing event experiences.

The projection technology has gained prominence through the Vivid festival in Sydney where buildings are transformed into public art installations, though the process also has application on a smaller scale.

Using specialised software and high-powered computers to turn objects or structures into a display surface for projected videos, projection mapping brings objects to life and turns them into illuminated and interactive displays.

Projection mapping works by modifying – pixel by pixel – the projected video to fit the surface and space. The image will then mask and change the look of whatever you are projecting onto, making existing features “pop” or completely overlaying them to create a new, virtual object.

Projection mapping is used to add extra dimension and movement to stationary objects. The displays are commonly combined with audio to create an audiovisual narrative.

Projection mapping works on most surfaces including buildings, cars, walls, stages and furniture. At Hamilton Island we have projected onto a 3D cube suspended over the pool, created a 4m tall ‘talking’ truck (which MC’d the event!), projected onto the entire surface of a suspended sphere and turned the entire foyer balcony into a projection screen. The options are limitless!

Offering a diverse range of styling opportunities, projection mapping is a great solution for all events including trade show presentations, conferences and live concerts.

Projection mapping can offer a cost-effective and creative way to transform any event space. The visual impact of projection mapping goes beyond ordinary video projection to deliver an unforgettable experience.

This article originally appeared at Business Event News.

When planning an event, one of the main challenges planners face is staying within the event budget. You want to create a spectacular event, but you need to ensure the event scope is realistic. Working within budget constraints can be tricky, but by applying a little more creativity and thinking outside the box you might just find you end up with a better event!

Here are our tips on how to get the most bang for your event buck:

Use an event app

The latest trend in events is to have an event app. Printing is expensive and burdensome. An event app eliminates the need to print event information by allowing sharing of up-to-date information from within the app. Event apps also promote greater conference engagement, potentially leading to a higher ROI.

Select a great value venue

Most venues have an array of options when it comes to spaces available, and being flexible can allow you to achieve great results without the high costs. Using an event space in low season, for example, should be cheaper than high season.

Make smart food and beverage choices

Make savvy choices about food and drinks so you don’t overspend. For example: don’t stress about serving expensive wine brands; most people won’t even notice if you opt for the house brands. Think about the type of event you’re holding and the kind of food to be served. Dinner doesn’t always need to be a sit-down affair; a cocktail function can prove to be a more cost effective and relaxed option.

Use lighting to theme your event

Great lighting can be a cost-effective and impactful way to theme your event. Some themes sound great in theory but can be very difficult to incorporate into an event without spending large amounts of money. Lighting can add vibrancy and colour, creating a unique and impressive event experience.

Leverage social media

Social media is an effective way to promote your event, build anticipation, keep attendees engaged and get feedback – without drastically increasing your budget.

Ultimately, when planning events to a strict budget, it’s important to be flexible. Keep in mind that if you overspend in one area, you will need to underspend in another. Allowing some wiggle room within the budget and keeping costs down when you can will help you make the most of your budget.

AVPartners has appointed Daniel Naidoo as Operations Manager at Crown Perth.

The role will see Mr Naidoo manage a team of operational staff and crew at the MICE destination to ensure seamless and successful events.

Mr Naidoo will be responsible for driving performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability in the operations department.

Mr Naidoo has nearly ten years’ experience in operations as a supervisor at BHP Billiton and Ecowise Environmental. Prior to this Mr Naidoo was an audiovisual Technical Director at Hyatt and the Burswood Entertainment Complex.

Commenting on the role, Mr Naidoo said, “The AVPartners team at Crown Perth has some of the best and brightest AV talent. I’m thrilled to be working with such a great team at an exceptional venue.”

AVPartners Crown Perth Partner, Matthew Taylor, said, “Daniel brings expert problem-solving and management skills to the AVPartners team at Crown Perth. He is a real asset, helping AVPartners achieve our vision for the venue.”

AVPartners was awarded the Crown Perth contract in 2014.

About AVPartners

AVPartners is a leading provider of tailored and integrated event audiovisual services including technical production, audio, visual, lighting, event design and event styling.

AVPartners creates integrated event experiences by combining state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, unrivalled expertise and a highly-tailored approach.